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The Girls Brigade
13th Leicester Company

The Girls Brigade logo

Girls Brigade is an exciting, Christian, uniformed organisation for girls aged 5 - 18 years.

Explorers are aged 4-7 years and do a range of activities including various crafts, cooking, Bible stories, physical activities and learning about the needs of others. This all counts towards the Explorer Star, which is awarded at the end of each year. We have a tuck shop each evening. In the summer we enjoy going to the park.

Juniors are aged 7 - 10 years and are a lively group of girls who have lots of fun making things. They also enjoy cooking, dance, drama, sports, games, lively worship and learning about other people. This counts towards the Junior Circle which is awarded at the end of each year. In the summer months we often go out swimming or bowling.

Seniors are aged 10 - 13 years and are an enthusiastic group of young teenagers who do various things such as cooking, drama, games and craft activities. We enjoy buying tuck at the start of the evening. Our activities count towards our Senior Circle which is awarded at the end of each year.

Being casual in our approach allows our 13+ year olds to enjoy a wide range of experiences. Although we do badge work such as sport and fashion, the girls choose the subject which enables us to explore topics relevant to us. We can buy tuck during the evening. We occasionally visit the cinema as an extra treat and we know how to have fun!